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Boulder, CO



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Health + Science
Atlanta, GA

Range Beauty

Range Beauty is bringing clean beauty to the forgotten shades with makeup specially formulated for acne and eczema-prone skin.

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Health + Science
Philadelphia, PA

Reya | We find your perfect therapist.

Help us build the first version of Reya: a web-based app that understands a user's needs and matches them with their perfect therapist .

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19Days Left
Health + Science
New york, NY

Cindy Lai Fitness

Constantly sitting and texting? Chronic pain accumulates from daily habits. I can help you fix that. Train smarter with me.

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20Days Left
Art + Music
Health + Science
West lafayette, IN

Menstrual Mates

Full Circle period care. Help us end the stigma and period poverty with our progressive education and sustainable products.

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Health + Science
Social Good
Smyrna, GA


Organic, plant-based protein powder made for the family with superfoods, whole ingredients and no added sugar.

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Health + Science
East elmhurst, NY


Help GrillzandGranola hire more TrapAerobics Instructors, offer more free group therapy sessions and scale!

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74Days Left
Health + Science