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Pittsburgh, PA

The Remembering Room

The Remembering Room is a free interactive public exhibit that provides a communal healing space for people to process feelings of grief.

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Art + Music
Oklahoma city, OK

Sweet Yield Studio

A creative dance studio and well-being community rooted in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We're growing and need your help!

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Art + Music
Social Good
Edmonton, AB

The Magazine Club

This is the story of what happens when ideas led by women, for women, face head-to-head with systemic suppression of authentic expression.

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Art + Music
Modern Media
Social Good
Philadelphia, PA


A homestyle collection of artifacts, workshops, coffee, & community care harnessing Black Liberation

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Art + Music
Las vegas, NV

DDE Photography

Growing my photography passion into my business and brand. Have had a few setbacks which had made it hard to start.

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Art + Music
Business Services
Social Good
Myrtle beach, SC

PPAC23 Launch!

Inspire. Excel. Succeed.
PPAC23 is a Professional Performing Arts Conservatory for 18-24yr olds looking for a career in performing arts.

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Art + Music