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Meet IFundWomen ServicesX, the go-to business services marketplace connecting vetted, independent freelancers to the entrepreneurs who want to hire them.


IFundWomen’s north star KPI (key performance indicator) is funding for women entrepreneurs, and we have always maintained that the best form of funding is revenue.  Almost half of the net-new businesses started by women in the United States are business services companies. Their biggest challenge is finding new clients and growing their revenues.

Women freelancers make 28% less on average than their male counterparts; that’s almost twice as steep as the wage gap that exists for full-time employees. ServicesX will work to close this freelance wage gap by providing our trusted network of expert service providers with access to a robust community of entrepreneurs seeking their services. 

In 2018, we launched our award-winning IFundWomen Method Coaching platform which offers one-to-one coaching sessions on over 30 topics most relevant to the entrepreneurial journey. Through thousands of coaching sessions, we identified a common pain point our customers experience: the need for reliable, vetted business services experts like accountants, graphic designers, growth marketing experts, and the list goes on, to efficiently support them as they grow their businesses.


“We are thrilled to provide further support to our entrepreneurs by offering the services that they most commonly need like web development, finance & operations support, and business accounting.”

- Olivia owens, vp of entrepreneur success, ifundwomen


ServicesX will leverage the immense knowledge of IFundWomen’s service-based entrepreneurs, and connect them to new business opportunities that will increase their revenue. Unlike other platforms that allow just about anybody to monetize, IFundWomen ServicesX provides a highly curated, trusted selection of business services experts for our network of 200K entrepreneurs to hire. Additionally, while other platforms keep a hefty percentage of vendors’ revenue, IFundWomen has a “keep what you sell” model, so that our trusted, independent experts can keep more income than on the other freelancer marketplace.


“With the launch of ServicesX, we are opening up the aperture of what it means to fund women. We’ve already empowered our members to raise over $135M—and we are just getting started.”

- karen cahn, founder & ceo, ifundwomen


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