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This is a monthly grant where IFundWomen reinvests 20% of our standard crowdfunding fee revenue into live campaigns on the site. To be considered for an IFundWomen Pay-It-Forward Grant, you need to crowdfund on our platform and crush your campaign.  

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Grant Winners

Meet our March Pay-It-Forward Winners. Watch us announce them on Facebook Live

Elbi Elm

The Culturist Union (TCU) is a private-membership hub and digital platform centered around the social, professional and economic empowerment of professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators.

Jessica Nguyen
Founder of Project Voice 2020

Project Voice was originally launched with a vision to provide a digital space for Asian American womxn and non-binary folx. Project Voice is raising money for a scholarship program for aspiring Asian podcasters. 

Dawn Hancy

The Essential Art of Reiki blends the gentle power of Reiki healing with customized wellness practices and dedicated, caring support to help professional women discover and achieve their Optimal Wellness & Success.

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