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November 2021

NOVEMBER 5, 2021

Five x Five: Birthday Lessons Learned

KAREN CAHN, founder and ceo, ifundwomen

They say that necessity is the motherhood of invention; my cofounders and I started IFundWomen because we were women founders who could not raise funding. We slogged it out for two years in our first startup and then it failed. Womp womp.

One evening after we sunsetted startup #1, my co-founders and I were having what Alex Steinman, Co-Founder of The Coven, calls “sad margaritas” at a bar in Chelsea. It was during those sad margaritas when Kate, Sarah, and I realized that so much of our business struggles were due to a lack of funding and resources. So, in true IFundWomen fashion, we didn’t sit around and complain about the funding problem—we did something about it. Enter: IFundWomen, the company we started to tackle the funding gap head-on.

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