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Start your IFundWomen journey! 

BY Carolyn Spencer, Product Lead, IFundWomen

april 15, 2021


Don't know how to start your business, or stuck along the way? Let us help. 


We are excited to announce the IFundWomen journey assessment, which helps you determine whether your business is in the ideation, pre-revenue, and proven demand stage. Given your stage, you can discover personalized resources to level up your business and get you unstuck. 

After years of coaching women-owned businesses, we discovered that founders lack an understanding of critical steps when they explore, launch, and fund their business. As a result, they may have trouble finding product market fit, raising capital, or—worst case scenario—their business fails. 

The journey assessment sets women entrepreneurs up for success from the moment they engage with IFundWomen. By answering a handful of questions, our proprietary assessment gauges where founders are in their startup lifecycle, and how IFundWomen can best support them. 

“IFundWomen was launched nearly to address the lack of debt-free funding options for women-owned businesses. Nearly five years later, IFundWomen has empowered our members to raise over $90M in capital and created thousands of jobs. Despite this impact, we know that our members start—and scale—their businesses lacking the resources they need to succeed. I’m thrilled that we are on a path to help our customers grow even further,” — Karen Cahn, Founder & CEO, IFundWomen

Each stage has its own resource page where entrepreneurs can learn more about what it means with steps they should consider taking before moving to the next one: ideation, pre-revenue, and proven demand.

We’re already hearing great early feedback from our community, like this: "Thank you so so much. This is perfect. Just discovered I'm at the pre-revenue phase. Can't wait to explore my options on your site." — Ayana Online

Ready to get started? Take the assessment now