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December 2020

DECEMBER 4, 2020

The Funding Journey • How Meha Agrawal Raised $3.6M For Her Wellness Business



Three years ago, I felt trapped in an emotional rut with the same disjointed, isolating, and self-navigated options most of us have today: therapy felt intimidating, coaching was expensive, anxiety medications seemed risky, and meditation apps were quite frankly…boring. While all potentially viable options for improving my mental wellness, simply finding and engaging with any of these felt onerous and insufficient. I felt this way to begin with because I lacked connection and that, along with accountability, was exactly what I was seeking. Then, however ironically, I finally discovered the therapeutic power of pen to paper and peer-driven support. Its profound impact on my own life left me no choice but to dedicate all my time and energy to bring a more approachable and impactful solution to mental wellness to others worldwide. We launched Silk + Sonder: a subscription for mental wellness that includes a guided monthly journal (yes, analog!) and access to an online community of peers who inspire and hold one another accountable.

In today’s digital world where we are bombarded with endless notifications and picture-perfect comparisons, we’ve forgotten to lean on simplicity and science. As humans, we crave intimacy and connection with ourselves and others. Journaling and writing happens to be the best medium to disconnect in order to reconnect. We are so proud to have thousands of Silk + Sonder members across every state already. Their backgrounds, values, and goals are uniquely theirs, but their commitment to themselves and to seeking and giving support to one another is ubiquitous.

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