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September 2019

SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

How This Female Entrepreneur is Redefining Mentorship



I began Tribute with a radical idea – that I could help busy professionals, like me, discover and connect with mentors in a more meaningful way by using the ancient art of storytelling combined with modern technology, an app, to make mentorship more enjoyable, accessible and efficient.  

In the almost two years since founding Tribute, I’ve learned many things about starting a business, but mostly, I’ve learned how powerful our stories are, and how healing, inspiring and game-changing it is to create a space that allows people to be fully seen and heard.  

Today, Tribute is live in both the Apple and Android App stores and is the platform of choice for Microsoft’s Diversity and Tech Community Mentors Program, a public community of over 5,000 IT Professionals across 80 countries worldwide.  We’re working with several other large, Fortune 500 brands to begin pilots later this year and have ambitions to become the defacto standard for mentorship software for all corporations, large and small. Geekwire recently dubbed us the “Bumble of Corporate Mentorship.” 


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