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Marketing your crowdfunding campaign and making the ask





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February 26, 2021 • 12pm EST

Why you should take this workshop

The secret to raising money is ALL about how you make the ask! We get it, asking for money from your friends, family, or complete strangers can be awkward and uncomfortable. The best crowdfunders overcome this fear by treating their crowdfunding campaign like a sales process. In the first part of this workshop, you'll get expert marketing and social media advice for your crowdfunding campaign. Discuss how to get a community engaged around your campaign, how to contact influencers, and tactics that drive your backers to support your campaign. Then for the second part of this workshop, combine your pitching skills with your network mapping strategy to determine which message is right for every type of potential backer for your campaign. You'll learn how to confidently make the ask to your friends and family, get over those awkward feelings, and raise more money for your crowdfunding campaign.

Download the Audience Messaging & Content Marketing PDF from the IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding Course Toolkit before class. Taught by IFundWomen Startup Coach, Virginia Almendarez.


  • 45 minutes of course instruction from IFundWomen Startup Coach, Virginia Almendarez; 15 minutes of open Q&A
  • A copy of the IFundWomen Audience Messaging & Content Marketing PDF
  • Sales tactics and strategies from the team behind some of the most successful IFundWomen campaigns
  • Live pitch practice on the line in a small group setting
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library.*
    *Sign up for one of our coaching plans to access the IFundWomen Workshop Library! Starting at just $9/mo.

You will learn

  • Unique ways to engage your community with your crowdfunding campaign
  • How to find the right messaging and channel for your content
  • How to feel confident making the ask to friends, family, and strangers
  • How to identify the messaging that will work for each prospective backer of your campaign

Course lessons


Letting go of your feels

Learn how to let go of those awkward feelings when asking your network to support your business.

Marketing and Sales strategies 101

Learn the sales strategies our experts use to craft a compelling ask and lead with confidence. 

Marketing to your network

Use the IFundWomen Network Map to identify each prospective backer in your existing network. Then, learn to anticipate their needs by categorizing your customers based on demographic information, research, interests, or other similarities. 

Making the ask to your friends and family

Learn how to make a confident ask to your friends and family. Use the IFundWomen Audience and Content Messaging worksheet for some helpful phrasing. 

Practice time

Time to practice making the ask live with the IFundWomen coaches on the line and get responsive feedback.

About the coach

Virginia Almendarez is a Startup Coach at IFundWomen and an experienced fundraiser with over 15 years of experience working with iconic NYC institutions such as The Apollo Theater, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and NYU. As a professional coach, Virginia is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Management, Event Planning, Life Coaching, and Business Development.

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