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Join the no-code revolution: Building a no-code MVP with Bubble





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October 22, 2020 • 3PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

We are on the precipice of the next great shift in the tech industry. At the turn of the century, building a software company required dozens of engineers and database architects spending years focused just on the fidelity of your website.  As an early stage entrepreneur, you may not always have the time, skills, or resources to hire a full scale development team to create your app or website. And now, for the vast majority of software products, you no longer need to pay a freelancer or an engineer at all. The No Code movement is about tools that allow anyone to build complex apps, workflow automations, and more! Bubble makes your life easier, allowing you to create awesome applications hassle-free. You can create your app without needing to learn to code or understand any coding languages at all. Join IFundWomen and Yaw Owusu-Boahen, Growth and Founder Inclusion at Bubble, to learn all about the no-code movement and how to build a no-code MVP using Bubble.




You will learn

  • Why no-code may be the right approach for your startup
  • How to create an MVP for your industry
  • How to build a no-code MVP using Bubble

Course lessons 


The no-code revolution

Learn about the no-code revolution and what doors it opens up for your startup or idea.

No-code MVPs and what they can do

Learn what a no-code MVP is and what you can use it for: customer acquisition, early engagement, community building, feature testing, etc.

Building a no-code MVP in Bubble

Get an in-depth live tutorial on how to use the Bubble platform to use a no-code MVP.

After the MVP

Learn about the customer insights you can generate after the MVP.

The future of no-code

Learn about the future of the no-code movement and how entrepreneurship will be transformed by the democratization of software.

About the coach

Yaw leads founder inclusion on the growth team, focusing on creating content and programming for founders from underrepresented backgrounds including the recently launched Immerse pre-accelerator for Black & Afro-Latinx founders.

He’s passionate about diversity, equity, & inclusion within the workplace and previously co-founded an equitable hiring platform for digital marketers. He worked at Bain & Company as a consultant after graduating from the school of public & international affairs at Princeton University.

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