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Halfway Update!


In two weeks, Embryo's passionate backers have raised $4,145! I am truly grateful and excited about all the support the campaign has seen so far! We are at the halfway mark and all geared up to continue development! 

This week I started connecting and building some amazing relationships that will spread the word about this amazing idea! Surrogacy agencies, lawyers and independent consultants. A lot of the people I am meeting through this campaign believe in helping families grow and are excited for all the new technology that will help it happen. 

Embryo truly is the first app being developed for surrogates and intended parents, there is nothing else on the market like it. I feel really honored to be able to say that to people when I go and speak with them, and someday you will be able to say that you were there in the beginning when I was just starting out with this idea! 

As I said above, this week I revamped all the rewards that we're offering on the campaign page - take the time to go check them out and make a contribution.

Help us spread the word by sharing our page on Instagram and Facebook @embryoapp with your friends and family! This will give the campaign an incredible boost!