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Perks are out for delivery!

To our Amazing Chestnut Hill Yoga Crowdfunding Backers, 

Our perks went out in the mail last week. Thanks again for your support!

If you didn't receive yours, please email us. Additionally, if you forgot to fill out the form below to receive yours, please re-read the email communication (cut and paste below) that went out a few weeks ago. You can still click the link to claim yours.

With gratitude, 

The Chestnut Hill Crowdfunding Team



LAST CALL: please fill out this form to update your rewards details:  

As a reminder, here are the reward levels:

$75 - Tote Bag + Companion Passes 

$150 - Donor Wall Recognition, Tote Bag + Companion Passes

$300 - 1-Year Membership + First Class Invite, Donor Wall Recognition, Tote Bag + Companion Passes

If you are unsure of your backer level, search on our campaign page under “backers”

With gratitude,