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Hi supporters,
I feel a lot conflicted. Today I found out that this hotel I’m staying in will be closed after the 31st. Not that this hotel was so great. It’s too expensive and it’s not home and it’s stressful.One minute I feel like this Universal spirit that is the one mind is real and that I manifest everything I need. The next minute I am so frightened by the prospect of not knowing what to do after tomorrow. 

I want to be grateful that I have a bed that is mine to sleep in in my home. Zuzu walking gingerly across the blankets towards me, wanting to get her head scratched. Me checking out the day before writing that I thought was so on fire as I wrote it and saying “Oh. My. God. I have some fixing to do.”

What I know, or suppose that I know, is that people wonder, ‘why doesn’t she have money?’ 

The answer is that if you were me you would be me not having money. You would be a poet and a writer and a painter. He would be dyslexic and love science as well as non-duality. Would be worried about where you will will land on April 1.

If you were Will Smith and everything about you was everything that Will Smith is, you would’ve slapped Chris Rock.If you don’t understand why he slapped Chris Rock, it’s because you don’t know enough about him.

You would have done nothing different. You would not be anything other than Will Smith. Or me. There is nothing about your soul that is special, or rather, every soul is equally special. Your protests of ‘I would’ve done this or that, I would never be this person or that person’ are your ego conflating itself. And equally, when I get riled up, that is my ego conflating itself.

If you were Vladimir Putin, right now you would be trying to bomb Ukraine into the Stone Age like a thug of war.

There is this theory that I like, that we are all disassociated alternate personalities of one mind which is the Quantum field of possibilities that makes up the universe. If we are, and I believe that is the closest analogy that I have heard to this theory of oneness, how can one disassociated alternate personality of one mind be anything other than what any other 'spirit' inhabiting it would be?