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Psychtegrity Behavioral Center

To promote the well-being of individuals by providing accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse care

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Project Description

Psychtegrity Behavioral Center LLC promotes the well-being of the individuals and families in Riverdale, GA and it's provision by providing accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse/addiction care for children, adolescents, adults, and their families, utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We are committed to quality mental health care that is provided in a collaborative effort with consumers' overall health strategies and an array of medical services.

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The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), increases the opportunity for persons with mental illnesses to have mental health treatment reimbursed by public (Medicaid) or private health insurance. Despite that effort, currently, adults diagnosed with behavioral health and substance abuse disorder remain severely underserved; approximately over 50+ population remain untreated nationwide, Georgia contributing to a significant percentage.  It is reported that nearly 1 in every 5 Georgian (est. 1.4 million) has a mental health diagnosis. In County Health Rankings and Roadmaps 2017, Georgia averages 1 mental health worker per every 900 mental health patients.  In Clayton County, the region our center is located, there is a severe shortage of services for the community.  In Clayton County, there is 1 mental health provider per 1,880 mental health patient population thus, there’s a need for services in our community.

During the first attention of the report, the founders/directors of Psychtegrity conducted a preliminary assessment of state and local services, along with potential leveraging opportunities. Priority populations identified include Low socioeconomic individuals, minorities, persons with a serious mental illness, persons with mild mental illness, employees, homeless adults and families, persons with a substance use disorder, and youth transitioning into adulthood. Understanding that these populations are more likely to intersect with severe mental health breakdown and in some cases, the criminal justice system, especially during a psychiatric crisis, further supports the development of a comprehensive behavioral service continuum available to anyone across the region thus, Psychtegrity LLC, also known as Psychtegrity Behavioral Center LLC was created.  


Psychtegrity is a professional therapeutic firm that specializes in helping clients achieve their personal goals and improving their competence, capacity, and productivity.   We offer mental health, life coaching, behavioral health, social services, EAP services, substance abuse services, and NCI training to the communities of Riverdale, GA, and its provision.  Our focus is to provide cost-effective, quality treatment. Our mission is to create, promote, and maintain a positive customer relationship with our clients, payors, associates and staff, and our community.

Psychtegrity was founded and exists to offer quality therapy, life coaching, and behavioral health services to provide children, youth, adults, families and the community with quality supportive, rehabilitative, therapeutic, prevention and resources in an effort to foster, restore and assist in the development and maintenance of fully functional mental, physical, behavioral and spiritual awareness.  Currently, we are hosting a biweekly free therapeutic panel event to people of color (POC) to help elevate the trauma and stress of the current socioeconomic dynamic.  A service with increasing participants per session.


To identify the principal behavioral health competitors with Psychtegrity, it is important to understand the behavioral health industry as it has been transformed by the influence of health care restructuring. There are primarily four types of behavioral health facilities: (1) psychiatric hospitals, (2) residential facilities, (3) outpatient group practices, and (4) solo practices.  Currently, there are no competitors for the setup for this center.  Psychtegrity is created/projected to mimic medical centers in which, unlike residential facilities, psychiatric hospitals, outpatients group practices, and solo practices (the current behavioral health services modalities), Psychtegrity will offer a wider range of services than the public current behavioral health facilities.  The four types of behavioral health facilities listed above provide limited services while the Psychtegrity will provide many services under one roof.

Our competitive edge is… that there is currently no facility doing what our center plans on doing.  There is currently no health center that has all forms of mental health services in one location.  Our projection is to mimic the dynamic structure of medical centers in which all forms of services are in one roof.  Psychtegrity will contain a variety of psychiatric offerings:  psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, specialists, behavioral services, life coaching, social services, mental health services, NCI/CPI training, EAP counseling, substance abuse to name a few.   Staffs of different modalities in the behavioral health field will all locate in one building.   Currently, in the behavioral health field, clients, unfortunately, have to seek different agencies/facilities to obtain the services they need.  For example, if an individual is diagnosed with Autism and Schizophrenia, the said individual will have three different providers/facilities to manage his or her illness.  ABA agencies/provider for behavioral management, Psychotherapy agencies/provider for mental health management, and Psychiatrist for medication management.  Occasionally, agencies do contract with a psychiatrist to work with their individuals, therefore, could get the medication management with the agencies. Not all providers/agencies offer this.  Thus, mental health services do become stressful, time management, and costly to most clients and their families.  Psychtegrity is projected to change the limitations found in the mental health field especially in our community that is currently lacking in proper mental health services even in current public format.


The projection capital to start our services is beyond what traditional funding path can offer for new entrepreneurs without a business credit.  We explored many different paths to funding Psychtegrity LLC including traditional banks.  At the end of the day, acquiring such high debts at the beginning of our business is not a good financial move.  Psychtegrity was created to serve the community, not just in the region we are currently located at but, due to our Clinicians certification in Telehealth, we are able to extend our services throughout the United State.  We believe the growth of Psychtegrity lies in the hands of the community hence, we decided to turn to iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform that supports the aspirations of women to get the job done. Funds secured through our crowdfunding campaign will be used to secure our location to open the doors and begin providing our services to our community, the most critical reason for the creation of Psychtegrity Behavioral Center LLC.


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