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Providing support to young parents and children

Tough times need love and support

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Project Description

  • Parenting is a challenge these days. With tough times, the mental and emotional health of both parents and kids is at risk. We, at Nirvanama, provide practical validated and easy parenting solutions so that parents are stress free and kids are happier.
  • In India there are more than 30 million urban young parents with kids under the age of 10. Due to work and life stress, the quality of parenting is declining exponentially.  The village each parent needs is collapsing due to the dissolving joint family system. Parents need the support and we are here to provide that village.
  • Nirvanama offers unique innovative parenting solutions other than counselling and parent coaching. A team of child experts have come together to provide "daily parenting planners" to urban parents. Diet charts, fitness charts, stories, mind maps, EQ and IQ parenting activities- everything that a parent has to worry about daily is planned and charted out by experts. We also are in ideation of making "Parenting subscription boxes" that solve top urban parenting pain points like Empathy, screen time, leadership, confidence, family ties etc.
  • Our content development is done. We need funds to
  1. promote and market the daily parenting planners
  2. manufacture large scale of parenting subscription boxes and promote them too
  • Our team consists of Lahar Bhatnagar, Founder. She is a neuroscience post grad and has many international papers on brain development to her credit. She is joined by peadiatric dieticians, child physiotherapist, mind map creators and professional storytellers who have come together to help develop the innovative products Nirvanama offers.
  • Parents around the world, if supported, is the only way to secure our future. We thank you for supporting this social cause to secure the mental and emotional health of the future society!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Nirvanama?

Nirvanama is sanksrit for "happy idyllic state mom"

What does Nirvanama do?

We provide innovative easy to use parenting tools that help strengthen mental and emotional health of both parents and children.

Other than that we provide the regular parent coaching and counselling services to young parents.

Where shall my money go?

The funding received shall be used for getting our products to the masses. We aim to provide a happy, stress free and effective parenting village to atleast 1000 families by the end of 2020 through our products.

What exactly are these products?

Nirvanama parenting products are:

1. Parenting planners for overall development of parents and child

2. Parenting subscription boxes comprising of EQ boosting activities for kids and adults.

3. One-on-one parent coaching and pathfinding

4. Parenting books (100 ways to be a stress free mom and raise happy kids, Published Aug 2018)



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