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par Bronté Laurent Presents Collection IV

A sustainable black-owned womenswear brand that is designed to make women feel confident rebellious and confident.

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Campaign Ends on December 25, 2021

Project Description

  • par Bronté Laurent's mission is simple, sustainable, and fashionable satin pieces created with the intent to make the fit so comfortable that women never want to take their clothes off. To achieve such a grand vision, the company is committed to providing the best in class customer service in addition to working with only the most detail-oriented seamstress and promoting women's freedom through clothing.
  • The problem I am solving is to acquire sufficient funding to finance the business while also offering sustainable and quality fashion products that will position us ahead of the competitors in the industry.
  •  Our market targets women between the ages of 18-54. We will ensure to deliver them our best and make sure our products are ever within their reach. We are committed to values such as love, care, openness, friendliness, and happiness, which allow us to navigate challenges and prepare for future opportunities. Our idea is centered on the promotion and making of quality, sustainable, and on-trend fashion products. We want to provide the same at an affordable cost through the online platform, with respectful and exceptional customer service.

  • I am seeking funding at this time to help my business stay afloat, we are struggling with manufacture cost to meet our demand. This funding would go directly into manufacture and supply cost to fill our inventory and continue to produce seasonal collections.

  • I would like to thank everyone who can support or brand at this time. You are not only supporting a brand but a dream!


The Campaign FAQs

Are we ready for a capital campaign? Yes!