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Four Letter Names Productions is a publishing and recording company located in Austin, TX. We believe in bringing equal access to educational materials, entertainment, music, arts, and information to all customers. We believe literature, music, and arts have the power to enhance quality of life and spiritual wellness. Our goal is to produce quality products that are unique and engaging to all ages and walks of life. We support our artist’s rights to ownership and creative control of their original works. 


Our Branded Motto : 

We Do What We Want

Own Your Vibes because 

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Retrograde Records

The Petty Cow


Problems FLNP aims to help solve are listed below.


Problem 1:

Authors and artists often have limited creative control when collaborating with a distributor. 


We encourage creative artistry and individuality. Project creative control empowers the creator as well as nourishes their growth towards a sustainable future and greater quality of life. 

We work directly with our artists to create plans for production and distribution that meet their goals for their works as well as our goals as a business.


Problem 2:

 Managing licensing copyrights for distribution and sales in different mediums easily becomes complicated and overwhelming for creators.


Literature, print, digital, and recorded content require different types of rights reservations and permissions for duplication than musical arrangements and recordings do. 


While recording studios offer musicians a place to create and have their final projects arranged or mastered for distribution; they do not maintain or manage these recordings for redistribution, retail sales, radio airplay, broadcast, or live reproduction.


This can be complicated and costly for creators.


FLNP solves this problem by providing a solution that preserves the original intent and integrity of the creator’s work as well as encouraging creative freedom. 


FLNP manages rights and licensing, product marketing, and sales distribution for our creators while our artists maintain the rights to their work transferability and ultimate ownership of their works.


Problem 3:

Affordable and reliable information and/or educational materials related to mental and behavioral health, social justice and welfare, and public policy are becoming more and more difficult for individuals to access.


Social welfare, healthcare, and education policy changes continue to limit equal opportunity and access to creative learning and arts education.  Funding is often diverted from creative arts and music programming in schools and communities  in order to fund standardized testing preparation, additional training for professionals, or meet crisis needs.


Our solution is to create content designed to aid those with or without access to self care and self improvement information or service in their community.


We promote arts appreciation and music education for all ages. Arts access is critical for brain, body, and spiritual development. 


Creative artistry creates a love of communication, humanity, and supportive social community while it cultivates the establishment of appropriate social, communication,and coping strategies for life’s transitions and adjustments. 


Our Customers


Our customers are of all ages and interests. 


We have several multimedia products and projects available or  in progress that appeal to a variety of ages and demographics.  We welcome all customers. 


We are not accepting inquiries for new talent or project submissions at this time. We will begin accepting submissions after we reach our start up goals for fundraising.


Recording services will be available when a public location is acquired. 


Online and digital communities are being created to offer customer engagement and support while social distancing measures continue to change nationwide. 

After an extensive career in psychiatric healthcare and law as well as family welfare social services I believe that current social policy implementation, regulatory practices, and accountability ethics are dangerously negligent and create public safety risk.


I have seen how changes in access to information related to self- improvement of mental health and creative expression have become huge barriers to achieving a desired quality of life for many individuals and families. 


I  believe the best way to help our customers is to promote useful and entertaining content that is relative to what our customers need and want while they navigate the collective changes of our society. 


 Due to my domain expertise and my customer experiences, I am uniquely qualified to help create content and products for demographics that may go otherwise unserved and solve this problem for consumers.


I am working to raise an initial $50,000 to generate start-up revenue and fund for purchase of certain equipment needed for better merchandising and marketability, retention of professional services related to graphics, contracts, and technical security, and to improve my credit rating for future approval of further small business financing and property acquisition for a publicly accessible space.

We do not have rewards available to offer at this time. Updates will be announced as details become available. 


Updates can also be found on our host website


 We hope you will take part in our campaign page below! 


We want to thank you so much for your support in helping Four Letter Names Productions/Retrograde Records to grow into a successful business that promotes our vision for the future.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:


This campaign was created to help raise initial funds needed to improve credit and access to larger business financing for Four Letter Names Productions. 

Kinda Unprofessional will be accessible on our website at





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