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Health and Wellness for All

Making herbal teas and herb-infused hair and body products for everyone with any health issues and all health goals.

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My goal is to expand my business and sell to as many people as possible who believe in a healthier lifestyle. And with the success of my business, I plan on investing in the forgotten real estate properties around my town and repurposing them.  I want to bring my town back to life, and in order to do that, I have to start with the health and wellness of the people to push the health and wellness of society. My hair and body products are helping people who are tired of having to get a product for everything. My products are designed to be used for multiple reasons. I've always hated going to the store and buying products that don't work or don't do what they were intended for, so I created my own products that would do just what they were meant to do for your hair, beard, and body. I created my herbal teas to heal and restore us from the inside out because I believe that healing begins on a cellular level. All of my teas work hand in hand for the same ultimate goal, which is to heal and restore. The same thing I want to do for the people is the same thing I want to do for the community. This would help me get the advertising and inventory I need to expand my business. It would be a great start to a great cause and an even bigger dream. I have to help the people of my community see a better and healthier side of themselves because I've seen so much destruction and pain the majority of my life that all I want to do is change the outcome of the future. Especially as a mother, I want my child to grow up being proud of his community. 

Thank you all for your support and for giving a small dream a big chance!



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