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Girls Auto Clinic - Auto Repair Catered to Women

We offer automotive buying and repair resources, services, and products to women by women!

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It’s no secret most women hate their automotive buying and repair experiences because they feel misunderstood, taken advantage of, and/or mistreated.  To make things worse, there isn’t much out there to ease concerns, anxiety, and fear despite the fact more than half the customers in the automotive industry are women and spend $200 Billion (with a B) a year on buying and repairing their cars.

Patrice Banks, CEO and founder of Girls Auto Clinic was once one of these women.  A self-proclaimed “auto airhead®,” Patrice created a business model that supports a need in the lives of millions women and girls.

Girls Auto Clinic is an award winning business started in 2015. We offer:

  • Automotive Repair SERVICES at our repair centers to give you the automotive experience you want and deserve! At Girls Auto Clinic Philly we hire women mechanics, have a beautiful lounge tailored to women, a kids play area, and a NAIL SALON to get your nails done while you wait for your car.
  • Educational RESOURCES such as Car Care Workshops, car care tips via b/vlogs, a #sheCANic (car savvy lady) community, and Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide (published car care guide) to make you a confident driver and smart consumer. 
  • #sheCANic swag and other PRODUCTS to go with your new empowered lifestyle!


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