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Our mission is to inspire people to gain their power back through a healthier lifestyle. Healthy is holistic; therefore, it holds your power. 

The cannabis plant has been demonized for decades which has made CBD and other hemp derived products inaccessible and excluded from holistic options. I was inspired due to a problem I have like 39 million U.S. people and 1 billion people worldwide have which are migraines. Safe CBD should be accessible conveniently. Power Flower offers a convenient way to get safe and legal CBD.

At base market level legal cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry and it grows as you add ancillary and potential upside totalling more than 22 billion dollars.


Power Flower is a CBD brand that offers legal CBD products through custom advanced technology vending machines. 

I am seeking funding to get a professional drafted business plan, an custom branded OMNI series advanced technology vending machine with age verification and remote access capabilities, purchase licensing, permits, and federal trademarking to protect this investment, and white/private label package which includes over 50 products, label printing and application, shipping, packaging, and COAs. Marketing can make or break your business so a nice amount of the funds would be invested in marketing services. I am a working mother and student who has very little to contribute to this venture, but I am passionate about CBD because it helps me with my migraines that has slowed me down in my best times. If I can create a better lifestyle through CBD, I should offer a proven solution to my community.

Currently, I am the only one of my team officially. However, I have some great mentors, advisors, and supporters who have inspired me and guided me through this POWERful journey. I thank them and I thank you all who are coming aboard to support in getting your power back! :)





The Campaign FAQs

What is the mission of your company or project? Describe the problem you are solving.

Privy Lifestyle Services oversee organizations that offer holistic products & services to make your lifestyle easier & intentional toward a healthy lifestyle. The dba Power Flower is a subsidiary that is an overall CBD brand that offers branded CBD hemp derived products through custom technology designed vending machines. I was inspired due to a problem I have like 39 million U.S. people and 1 billion people worldwide have which are migraines. Safe CBD should be accessible conveniently.

Have you overcome any challenges? What's your mindset?

Yes, I've been faced with many challenges including one that I am still feeling the effects of such as dissolved partnerships along with a million no's and suggestions. I use my losses as opportunities to learn and grow. The fact that I turn challenges into learning opportunities due to my resilience is the main reason why I have been able to obtain partnerships, get connections with local industry leaders, sponsored admissions to business conferences and events, admissions to groups and accelerators, and the strength to pivot when necessary.

Do you as the founder use and believe in Cannabis?

Yes, I do I only like to sell things I use and believe in because it's my way of sharing with others. I see Cannabis overall (including CBD hemp derived products) a powerful herbal medicine because it is the only herb that is customized within the body based on the needs of the person using it. You have so many ways of using it from topical applications, oral ingesting, smoking, and more. I personally use the flowers to steep in my daily herbal teas along with many other usages including topical usage, bathing/soaking, and tinctures. I don't make health claims; however, for me personally CBD helps with my severe migraines, back pains, anxiety, and depression. I prefer CBD usage over taking tons of pharmaceuticals which my body would eventually adjust to and no longer work. Also, I am able to continue being a professional woman in my community without risking my career from drug testing failures. 



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