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Funding for Diversity Consulting Firm

We help businesses activate the leadership skills necessary to improve and enhance the diversity of your workforce.

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Project Description

We help businesses activate the leadership skills necessary to improve and enhance the diversity of your workforce.  Harkness Consulting Solutions, LLC is on a mission to set a new tone for business, and the world, to create a more inclusive reality for generations to come by helping organizations create the type of workplace where people no longer feel pressured to downplay aspects of their identity in order to feel accepted. We help bring innovative ideas and visions to fruition with a solutions-oriented plan. We are here to assess your current practices and to help provide the guidance necessary for improvement.​​​​​​

We offer a number of services from organizational assessments, training, implementation of policies and procedures, staff engagement, and intervention for bias incidents. Harkness Consulting Solutions, LLC was developed before the surge and demand for diversity initiatives and more inclusive practices for businesses and organizations. We have received a number of inquiries nationally for diversity consulting services and are currently working up proposals in hope to secure some contracts to assist with startup funding for business operations. Many companies are shopping around for the "best consultant" and currently Harkness Consulting Solutions is managed only by the CEO. In June, we posted a Social Media & Marketing unpaid internship for local high school students to bring in additional help with gaining more visibility for the company. However, believe it or not, even students expect some sort of compensation which is money we do not have at the moment, therefore, the internship opportunity is not moving forward. 

In the world of advocacy for racial justice initiatives Harkness Consulting Solutions, LLC is seeking to educate executives, boards, and businesses on the importance of creating, sustaining, and promoting diverse and inclusive practices to make this world a better place. Any funding will support our mission and operations in being able to provide effective services to meet the current demand for diversity consultants. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Melody Harkness, President & CEO



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Monetary Contribution

Business Services, Website & Social Media visibility.

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