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Creating Accessibility Everywhere!

We are raising money in order to grow and serve more people as they age to be able to live at home safely no matter their ability level!

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Project Description


Welcome! I'm so glad you scrolled by! This  is for you because we are all going to need what we offer one day either for ourselves or a family member.  So as an occupational therapist and founder of AccessAble Living its my goal that we are in your area to help you when you need it!

The Problem We Solve

Everyone's abilities change over time. Why is it that we don't plan for that or have a system in place that accommodates for that? As elders we should be living our best lives, not eating microwave meals because we can't stand long enough to cook; not showering only once a week because we are scared to fall and its too hard to do alone. We also shouldn't feel forced to move from our homes because we are having these troubles.  So what's the alternative?  Knowledge + modifications = safe solutions, which is what we provide!


Our Mission & Vision

AccessAble Living provides seniors & persons with a disability with the necessary equipment, modification & resources to live safely at home in Kansas & Missouri. Our clients feel empowered to live life the way they want while caregivers and loved ones feel confident that they are safe!

Our vision is to create a more accessible world by being the most compassionate and knowledgeable problem solvers.  People need our help and we can get it done if we focus on our values: Compassion, Knowledge & Inclusion.

The majority of our solutions are equipment focused instead of construction focused so that we can serve renters and home owners. This also means we can often time provide recycled equipment which brings that cost down by about half so we can serve people on a fixed income. Our solutions include things like:

  • assessing for a custom wheelchairs to improve independence with mobility
  • installing bed rails
  • adding bidet attachments for independence with toileting!

The list is wide and varied to address literally all major daily tasks.

Accessibility can be beautiful!

Our Opportunity Level is Great

There are three reasons why our value propositions are needed not just in Kansas City but in the US as a whole.

1. Lack of Insurance Coverage - Most adaptive equipment like shower chairs and grab bars are not covered by insurance so there is no coordinated approach through the healthcare system for people to get qualified, clinical recommendations and then get the right product ordered.

2. Lack of Local Retail Options - If a client actually does get a recommendation for that shower chair, that they need, their options are to go to a medical supply store, commercial pharmacy or try to find it online. Retailers are not staffed with clinicians who can give specific recommendations as there are multiple styles of shower chairs for different functional reasons. The store employees won’t be in the home to make sure what they are suggesting will actually work for that client’s specific issue plus their in-store selection is limited. Conversely, the supply online is endless but prices vary widely, how do they know its right for them and who will install it? 

3. Lack of Training - Finally if the client does get a clinical recommendation, find it in the store and get it home and setup it may still not solve the original problem. Adaptive equipment is by nature a product that helps one do a daily task in a new and different way. If you don’t know how to use that equipment correctly, even if it is the right application for the client - it still won’t solve the problem. That’s why we train our clients on actual use and we will take it back if necessary which is another of our value added propositions as most retailers won’t take back many types of adaptive equipment once opened.

The Market Size is Even Greater

The market size is significant as we can be of benefit to anyone with a diagnosed disability, recent hospital or rehab discharge, or over 60 years of age and looking to do some proactive remodeling or upgrades so that they can safely stay living in their homes. US Census Data estimates from 2018 report that there are 104,345 residents over the age of 65 just in Jackson County, Missouri alone. Community social services data for our area indicates that:

31% live alone
33% have trouble with light housekeeping and laundry 38% have a disability
40% have difficulty with walking
44% need help with home repairs
45% have trouble making a meal

We have environmental modification solutions that can address each of these trouble areas. 

Why Your Funding Matters

We are currently solving living issues for individuals, family caregivers and other clinicians all over the Kansas City Metro area which is awesome! But I have worked in many states across the country and I know first hand that these issues are not unique to Kansas City. Your funding will help us scale and grow so we can set up our system in one city after the next.  Practically, that means funds will go into:

  • The completion of our in house app putting all our collective knowledge at each home assessors' fingertips so that we can provide those solutions to individuals and family caregiver.
  • Increasing our inventory so we are able to solve solutions within 24-48 hours as many people are only given that amount of warning before discharge to home.
  • Increasing our team from 4 to many so we have more availability to see more people, more quickly.
  • Adding to our infrastructure so we can continue to grow our telehealth services reaching people in more rural areas who need our services even more so than those in cities with more access to additional providers. 

I cannot thank you enough for even considering helping to add firepower to our journey to help people live independent and comfortable lives no matter their level of ability!


Brandy Archie, OTD, OTR/L


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are you located?
    • Kansas City Metro and Wichita Metro areas!



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