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Chair One Fitness

Giving the gift of fitness to those who need it most.

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Project Description


Chair One Fitness is a comprehensive chair-based dance fitness program created for individuals who have complications standing during a fitness regimen. This includes senior citizens, people with balance deficits, injuries, disabilities, or suffering from obesity. It is designed to keep individuals mobile to ensure they remain progressive in daily function and/or recovery. This program delivers a fun, musically driven, interactive, full body workout that uplifts people through dance and fitness movements.

Mission: To go beyond boundaries created by perceived limitations enabling everyone to stay active mentally and physically; no matter their age or ability.

Core Values

•Compassion for the People: We aren’t asking you to love everyone; just teach who you love!

•Authenticity: No one can be you’er than you!

•Professionalism: You can be anything…but you can’t be late!

•Maintain perspective: Meet people where they are

•Egalitarian: The belief and understanding that we are all created equal



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a training program or a class?

Answer: Both! You can choose to become an instructor or enjoy our workouts

Is this only for seniors?

Answer: Not at all! This is for any one who has complications standing; seniors, wheelchair users, veterans, those with amputations, dementia, suffering from obesity, and more!

Can anyone become an instructor?

Answer: Yes! 



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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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