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Black Vibe Tribe

Black Vibe Tribe was created with the intention to connect, love, uplift and build with those deriving from the African diaspora.

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Project Description


I'm Trinity Simone, the 18 year old CEO and Founder of Black Vibe Tribe. Black Vibe Tribe's mission was created with a CLUB type of vision in mind. CLUB stands for CONNECT, LOVE, UPLIFT and BUILD with those from the African diaspora. When we keep these 4 principals at the forefront of all that we do, we will be taking one step closer to the liberation and prosperity of our people.


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Why people from the African diaspora? We targeted this audience because as we all know, we were uprooted from the Motherland, taken against our will and placed on land that we were unfamiliar with. From that very moment, until present day time, we never started on an equal playing field. We have had to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, dig deep and make a way out of no way in a society that still oppresses us, discriminates against us, targets us and demonizes us.

While we're known for our statement t-shirts, ('cause who doesn't like a quality tee with a bold statement?), we have something for everyone in the family, including the kiddos. We also offer greeting cards, fitness wear, the coziest, comfiest 2 pc joggers you'll ever find, duffel bags, coffee mugs, hoodies and a newly released book by the owner and founder herself called "Do You Know!"


As a Black owned business, this business didn't start with funding and we shouldn't go into debt trying to access capital. We put in a lot of hard work and even more sleepless nights to get this business to where it is today. We used personal savings and humbly accepted donations from my grandparents that insisted we allow them to help out. What would we do without grandparents? I will never ever forget the time that we were inundated with orders and my grandmother's traveled 10 hours to us to   immediately became a part of production. There have been complete strangers that were moved to send in donations to fund the business and that was a beautiful and charitable thing to do. We are forever grateful.

By getting the funding that we need to scale this business, it places us in a position to... 

1. Employ others 

2. Purchase additional machinery

3. Invest in bulk inventory

4. Purchase a fulfillment station

5. Donate/sponsor educational scholarships/community events and so much more.



Our team currently consists of my Mom, Dad and two little brothers because it takes a village.

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My Mom, Dad, little brothers and me.

In your decision to donate and support our cause, you are in support of descendants of Africa. You are challenging the numerous systems of oppression. You are supporting a cause that will transcend further than a brand, but instead a conduit of change.  We, at Black Vibe Tribe also give back. A portion of all of our sales will be donated to "The Youth Will Be All Write," an organization that donates composition notebooks to incarcerated youth.  (

We all have our very own stories that have shaped us into the individuals that we are today, but we make a concerted effort to make a positive impact and leave the world a little better than we found it.

Infinite thanks for your generous donations and support...we truly appreciate you! We are stronger together! 




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