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Anemoia, Welcome to Anewood!

“We Are The Ones, We’ve Been Waiting For.”

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Project Description

Anemoia Inc., A Production House, Streaming Distribution and Talent Agency in the United States of America. It's sole purpose to create entertainment and media content that represents and features; Black Americans and other POC. Anemoia Inc., serves to provide a safe space to create and produce content for underrepresented communities in the entertainment industry.

Anemoia Inc., also provides a platform through infomercial, commercial ads and product placements in both film and tv series for minority small business owners and entrepreneurs so that more minority brands have an opportunity to become household names. 

The current set up of media and entertainment in America is both racially systematic and exclusive, because of this egregious setup, White Americans in the U.S. are predominately represented and showcased in Media and Entertainment. This has to change. Anemoia Inc. serves as both a median and accelerator, providing a union base for the entertainment industries unknown and underrepresented artists and creatives of the industry. 

Anemoia Inc., is a one stop shop. From Manufacturing & Publishing of Books, DVDs, Smart Mirrors w/ Streaming Capability, Streaming Platform, Production Studios, Talent Supplier & Distribution. Anemoia Inc., aims to provide a compound that will employ over 1500+ people with various talents and professional aptitudes.

Everything at Anemoia Inc., is in house, which means we will never run out of content nor talent. Anemoia Inc., will provide access, platforms and a space free of white-washing to those in the entertainment industry that wish to create on a consistent basis and be paid a livable wage.

At Anemoia Inc., we understand that acting, modeling, singing, dancing, etc., is a profession/ job. Being an entertainer is a career and it's time for the industry to normalize it as such to provide livable wage + benefits to people that wish to be a contributor in the industry. It is Anemoia Inc., goal to make it so that inclusivity in the entertainment industry becomes the norm and exclusivity the abnormal.

As the Sole Founder & CEO of Anemoia Inc. I am crowdfunding to make the design of Anemoia Studios a reality for the underrepresented communities of the industry of the United States, there will be plans to expand into Canada at a later day. Today, I am in need of your help. Help Anemoia Inc., fund its forever home by donating! Any amount counts and helps us reach the 5+ million goal! 

Our Tagline: “We Are The Ones, We’ve Been Waiting For.” Couldn't ring more true, our Unknown Black Talent and other POC deserve the opportunity to create in a safe space! They deserve the chance to provide for themselves and their families doing what they love to do! Minority Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners deserve the chance to sponsor and introduce services and products to the masses!

That's not all at Anemoia Inc., we believe that consumers should have to opportunity to see themselves reflected in all facets of life through tv and film at full capacity! Please take the time to visit our website: and if you see the vision and believe in what Anemoia is trying to accomplish, please make a financial contribution to the campaign and if you can't that's ok, we appreciate the support and a share goes a long way, so please share this campaign with family, friends, acquaintances/ associates, so that Anemoia Inc., will become a reality! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How will the money be used?

Answer: The first 5 million will go to building/ renovation costs, intellectual property rights, working capital, land, equipment and operational expenses.




Monetary Contribution