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Guiding Paths

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Thank you for your Monetary Contribution that supports Guiding Paths. The clients we service, rely on us to provide them with 24 care, support and guidance. Without your support we will not be able to continue our mission. Your support will help us move into our next phase of creating Thought Bubble a productivity software with wearable devices that will help our client be more independent and assist our staff with progress note updates and keeping patient records more independent. We greatly appreciate all your support and thank you for all you give.

Just Because I Care

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Reward: 1000 or more exclusive inside track

With the contribution of 1000 or more. You will have an exclusive track into the steps needed to open up this type of business for yourself and how to receive government funding for some aspects of your business.

Virtual meeting

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Reward: 800 or more swag bag

With a donation of 800 or more, you will receive a swag bag from Brooke's Essential similar to the gift bag we give our clients on spa day. A small token for giving so much and helping to donate towards our cause.

Please provide shipping info so bags can be sent to the correct location.

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Reward: 500 or more shout out

Its always great to give back. With a donation of 500 or more, you will receive a shout out, thank you and recognized as a exclusive contributor for helping to donate towards our cause.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit

Thank You For Supporting!

You rock for supporting this entrepreneur's project! Please note that iFundWomen does not guarantee projects, or investigate an entrepreneur's ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the campaign creator to complete their project as promised, and deliver their rewards in a timely manner.