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Life Stories for the Ages: The Gift of a Lifetime

$0 or more
Reward: Monetary Contribution
These are hard times for everyone... especially for entrepreneurs like me who are not on a payroll and trying to keep our doors open by crowdfunding in a crisis.  If you are not into rewards/swag and have the ability to make a financial contribution - $5, $10, $25 or more -  I would be grateful beyond measure for any financial contribution you make.  All donors will be personally thanked and have our undying gratitude.
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$25 or more
Reward: Shout Out on Social Media
We will sing your praises on the social media platform of your choosing, and be forever grateful for your generosity!

No Limit

No Limit
$50 or more
Reward: If I Knew Then...
Is there something you wish your parents had told you or taught you, growing up, that would have been helpful to know later in life? Whether it was how to cook, make small talk, or what the whole love/sex/dating thing was about, share the missing puzzle piece and how it affected you in a recorded message to be aired at the end of the campaign in a special episode of  The Agewyz Podcast. Unload, have fun and be the hero of your own story.  You control the narrative.

The Agewyz Podcast airs every two weeks. Depending on the number of contributors for this reward, we may split the airing of messages into two episodes. Regardless, we'll be sure to let you know the air date of your recorded message!

Following your contribution, you will have a couple of options for recording a message:

(1) use the voice recording app on your smartphone to record a message and email it to; or
(2) we will email you a telephone number where you can leave a recorded message. If you choose this method, please be sure to let us know, in the notes.

ANOTHER OPTION: if you want to share your "what I wish I knew" thoughts in an email rather than in a recorded message, send your thoughts to She will read it on the air for you. If you wish to remain anonymous, please be sure to tell us.

=> All messages will be edited for time and clarity
=> Messages aired will be no more than one minute in length, so feel free to record a few minutes of material but we reserve the right to take out the best bits.
=> You can remain anonymous, but only recorded messages from verified contributors will be included in the podcast.

No Limit
$75 or more
Reward: Gratitude 2.0
Next level gratitude: shout out on the social media platform of your choosing... PLUS a personal thank you on an upcoming episode of Jana's nationally syndicated Agewyz Podcast (over 55K listens per month).

Please choose from one of four (4) social media platforms for your shout out:
* Instagram
* Twitter
* Facebook
* LinkedIn

The Agewyz Podcast airs every two (2) weeks. Your personal thank you will be included in the episode closest to your contribution date. Please email with any questions!

No Limit
$100 or more
Reward: Rise Up!
Rise up - and meet the challenges ahead!  With so many of us now working from home or home schooling because of Covid-19, the Ocean Riser™ will make working on your laptop or helping your kids with homework fun and soul-satisfying.  This Eco-friendly item from our friends at MemoryBeach is 3D printed with recyclable plant material.  It's a seamless combination of form, function and lightweight portability to give your laptop computer or tablet a beautiful lift - and hopefully your spirits and attention level, too! Slightly smaller than a piece of copy paper, it supports all weights & sizes of books & laptops. Your neck & spine will thank you. Choose your design, "koi" or "waves" ... and your color. 

Please choose (1) your design, "koi" or "waves" and (2) your color (multiple options available), and let us know your choices in the notes.

Assembled: Thickness 7”/16” (1.11 cm)
Size: 11” (28 cm) long x 6.5” (16.51 cm) wide
Weight: Approximately 8 oz.
Materials: Currently recyclable PLA

~ NOTE: These unique items are PRINTED ON DEMAND.
~ Please allow 5-10 days for printing and delivery.
~ We ship on the 10th of every month

No Limit
$150 or more
Reward: Live To Tell
Scrambling to keep up with the demands of your own life while providing care for a loved one?  Know someone who's doing the heavy lifting for you? Celebrate how fabulous you (or they) are with an Inspirational NotePad and stay supercharged with this Bolt2 Portable Battery and Cell Phone Charger, which charges two devices with one full charge - at the same time.



Bolt2 colors available are Crimson; Stealth; or Argon Blue. Please indicate your color when you choose your reward. 
Please choose your preference and a backup color (in case your 1st choice isn't available) for your Bolt2 and tell us in the notes. 

We ship out rewards on the 10th day of the month; if the product(s) is not available on the 10th, it will ship as soon as it becomes available.

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$200 or more
Reward: Making Memories
More and more of us are homebound due to the Coronavirus.  At the end of the day, relax with your loved ones in the back yard, porch or nearest safe outdoor space, open up a beverage and experience the magic of this 2-in-1 Luminaid Max Solar USB Charger, which can power any cell phone fully on one charge - without batteries.

We ship out rewards on the 10th day of the month; if it is not available on the 10th, it will ship as soon as it becomes available.

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$500 or more
Reward: All Ears
Every story matters.  Share your story or that of someone you love during a one-hour recorded phone interview with veteran storyteller Jana Panarites.  Jana has interviewed well-known newspaper columnists, renowned researchers, filmmakers, authors and everyday caregiving warriors.  For this reward, she will ask you specially designed life story  questions, and then edit the recorded content, mix in music & deliver a polished audio keepsake to you on USB flash drive or via email in mp3 file (choose one).

Please email after your contribution, and we'll set up a time for a phone interview.  It's that simple.

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$1,000 or more
Reward: Oh, Pioneers!
As an early supporter, you'll get 30% off our Life Stories for the Ages Basic Video Package, which consists of a professionally crafted, gorgeous visual narrative that is 20-minutes in length and includes up to 20 photos, royalty free music and titles.  Your video will be delivered on one of these platforms: (1) DVD with custom cover and label; (2) Blu-Ray disc with custom cover and label; (3) SD Card; (3) USB flash drive; (3) via Vimeo, (4) Dropbox or (5) a dedicated website (please choose one of these methods).
Value: $1,500

This reward is best-suited to South Florida residents.  But we are happy to accommodate anyone living 50 or more miles from our location, as long as you cover all travel, food and lodging costs. 

Please email Jana Panarites ( after your contribution and we will discuss details and set a schedule. The entire process will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to complete.

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$20 or more
Reward: Food for Thought (and Comfort)
Now that we're all spending more time indoors, and in the kitchen, here's a chance to create two authentic Greek recipes passed down from Jana's Yia-Yia (grandmother).  You won't find these on the Internet since they lived in Yia-Yia's head, and she never used measuring cups.  So as a child learning at her apron, Jana gently persuaded Yia-Yia to use measuring cups just once so she could preserve this part of Yia-Yia's life story.  Keftethes are Greek meatballs that can be used instead of traditional meatballs.  Kourambiethes are sweet cookies that are mouthwatering alone or dipped in coffee or tea.   Email jana@agewyz for both recipes after claiming your reward!
Free shipping in the U.S. only
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