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How to land press and pitch like a pro





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August 19, 2021 • 3p EST

Why you should take this workshop

With the exponential increase of new businesses and the ban of third-party cookies, the ability to attract an audience organically can make or break any founder. Join IFundWomen and Gloria Chou, PR expert and CEO of Gloria Chou PR, and learn how to grow your credibility and visibility so you can not only survive, but THRIVE in this competitive landscape. In this masterclass, Gloria will discuss the mindset shifts every founder must make before landing press and how to share a proven pitching framework that will help businesses at any stage establish credibility, grow their brand value, and get featured. In addition, you will have the opportunity to edit your pitch LIVE using the same framework that got Gloria featured in Fast Company in 30 days.


  • 45 minutes of step-by-step PR strategies from pitch writing expert Gloria Chou of Gloria Chou PR; 15 minutes of Q&A
  • Edit your pitch LIVE using the same framework that got Gloria featured in Fast Company in 30 days
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen workshop library*

*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library. 

You will learn

  • The mindset shifts every founder must make before landing press
  • How to integrate a proven pitching framework that will help your business establish credibility
  • How to leverage social media to connect with media outlets and get featured
  • How to hack your own PR without any industry contacts from someone who's done it before

About the coach

Gloria Chou is a PR mentor and pitch guru who teaches early-stage founders how to "hack their own PR" with her proprietary 3-step CPR Pitching Method™–one that’s helped thousands of bootstrapped small businesses get over a combined 1 Billion organic views in top tier outlets such as the New York Times, Vogue, Fast Company, Forbes, and more. As a former U.S. Diplomat that had never worked in PR nor had any industry contacts, Gloria’s mission is to make PR more accessible so that ALL founders can learn how to get traction and build credibility without having to break the bank. Gloria is a PR coach and mentor at 12+ female founder communities including IFundWomen, Female Founder Collective, and Female Entreprenuers Worldwide. She also runs the #1 FB group for small businesses looking to take control of their own PR and get inspiration from bootstrapped founders who are not afraid to go bigger with their message, regardless of how small their businesses are.

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