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Shopify: Organic

marketing 101





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March 24, 2021 • 12PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

Trying to reach new customers can be expensive. But there’s one thing you can do that won’t cost you a cent: Organic marketing. Organic marketing involves driving website traffic and generating and converting leads without the use of paid advertising. It’s a long-term strategy that primarily aims to help you spread brand awareness. You’ll establish yourself as an authority within your niche not by serving ads to your audience, but by providing them with valuable, insightful content. Explore the pillars of organic marketing and learn how to turn followers into buyers. In this workshop, you'll learn different ways to grow your followers and customer base, organically, and how to use the Shopify platform to increase and measure organic growth. 


  • 45 minutes of expert course instruction from Megan Glassman, Support Advisor/Retail Specialist & Event Coordinator @ SHOPIFY at Shopify; 15 minutes of Q&A
  • A 14-day free trial to try out Shopify for your business
  • A free personalized 1:1's with the Shopify team to help you setup your store.
  • Access to Shopify's full help center library that offers documentation with tutorials on your most asked about topics
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library*

*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

You will learn

  • How to develop a unique selling proposition
  • How to use special tactics to engage in organic marketing
  • How to use search engine optimization for your business
  • How to reach your customers by leveraging social media
  • How to reach your customers using email marketing

Course lessons


Marketing Essentials

Learn more about marketing essentials like your unique selling proposition, photography, and copywriting.

Organic Marketing

Get an overview on what organic marketing is and how to use it for your business.

Marketing Tactics

Learn key organic marketing tactics like search engine optimization, content marketing, and more.

Social Media

Learn more about understanding your audience and sharing engaging content.

About the coach

Megan Glassman is a Support Advisor/Retail Specialist and Event Coordinator at Shopify, where she interacts with creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses and build for the long term. Megan's superpower for business coaching comes from her experience in customer service industries, skilled problem solving prowess, and strong communication skills. Previous to Shopify, Megan worked at Village Workspaces, a high-end boutique-style coworking space. 

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