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B2B sales and pitching corporate clients





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February 19, 2021 • 12pm EST

Why you should take this workshop

Starting a business and selling to your friends and family is the easiest way to get started. However, when you're ready to grow and scale, selling to larger companies and corporate clients is an excellent way to expand your reach and impact. If you're running a consulting or services business, you will need a strategy around B2B (Business to Business Sales). Unfortunately the process can seem complicated, difficult and time consuming, and we are here to illuminate it! Join this workshop with IFundWomen and industry expert, Afua Osei, to learn more about the corporate B2B sales process, how to find the right contacts, and how to position your pricing and value so it's palatable to a brand or corporation. Learn how she secured international partnerships with brands like Facebook, Google, Unilever and L’Oreal and get her playbook on expanding into the corporate market.


  • 45 minutes of expert course instruction from Global Strategic Partnerships expert; 15 minutes of open Q&A
  • Templates and tools for finding the right corporate contacts to pitch your solution to
  • Recommendations on tech tools you can use to build your own CRM sales system
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen workshop library*
    *Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

You will learn

  • How to find the right contacts and start building relationships
  • How to position your value and solution to corporate clients
  • How to adjust your pricing and business model to appeal to corporate clients
  • How to use case studies to legitimize your business and experience

Course lessons



The spray and pray approach probably isn't the best strategy when you want to expand to a new type of client. We'll break down how you want to think about value, positioning and offers as you expand to this new market.


Does corporate clients mean earning the big bucks? Not always. Learn how to adjust your business model and pricing for larger clients.


Welcome to the big leagues! If you're asking for more money, you want to reflect that you can deliver and your branding will play a big part in that. We'll walk through the key branding assets you want to have ready such as your pitch deck, case study and website.


Corporate clients are going to expect you to be up to date with your regulatory affairs. We'll go through a check list of the things you need to put in place so that you can secure those contracts with little issues.


Now that you've done homework, you actually have to go and talk to people. I'll share some templates and tools to make it easier for you to start to build relationships before you pitch your next big deal.

About the coach

Afua Osei is a Partnerships Strategist helping digital entrepreneurs build the skills, systems and confidence to sell to corporate clients. As a Co-Founder of She Leads Africa, Afua built a digital lifestyle platform for millennial multicultural women reaching more than 800,000 women across 100+ countries. In addition to building a thriving community, Afua secured international partnerships with brands like Facebook, Google, Unilever and L’Oreal to design culturally relevant and data driven engagement campaigns. In December 2016, the company rang the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Born and raised in the Washington DC area, Afua previously served as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company and graduated with a Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago, studied international management at the London School of Economics, and graduated cum laude from Allegheny College.

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