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IFundWomen of Color


IFundWomen of Color is a platform dedicated to advancing diverse entrepreneurs through access to capital, coaching, and lucrative connections specifically needed for founders of color to launch and grow profitable, successful businesses. 


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Access + Action

Membership to IFundWomen of Color provides you with the following benefits:

Workshop Access Plan membership

Get one year of unlimited access to group learning sessions, expert-led workshops, founder support circles, and guidance through the IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding Playbook and e-Course.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Your network is your net worth! You will be the first to be invited to events in key markets where IFundWomen has boots on the ground. 

Access to a private slack community

Accepted members will have access to a private Slack community - a safe space to discuss business challenges and collaborate with peers and coaches toward solutions.


Gain exposure and grow your audience through IFWOC as we share the story of you and your business.


These trailblazing women are changing the game for founders of color.

Nicole Ayers, Founder of The MadLab Post

The Madlab Post is an international social club that helps movie junkies combat isolation, loneliness and anxiety through live and digital film experiences in Philadelphia and a whole bunch of other cities. We do this by providing a curated collection of short films, editorial content and interactive workshops that build relationships between neighbors and travelers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Joa Tudela, Founder of Culturizing Access, LLC

Culturizing Access is a minority women-owned small business focused on helping organizations improve service quality and access to immigrants, especially those with Limited English-proficiency (LEP). This way, immigrants and BIPOC communities should not worry about language and cultural barriers when accessing essential services; instead, focusing on working to acculturate and thrive.

Cosmic Kitty, Founder of Liberatory Learners

Liberatory Learners is an interdisciplinary international Minecraft school that finds solutions to real world problems through liberatory practices that engages story-telling, vegan culinary arts, movement and design to get us one step closer to a world without plastic, poverty, homelessness, slaughterhouses, racism and war.

Melissa Mueller-Douglas, Founder of MYRetreat

MYRetreat is the 90 minute women’s retreat where where mindfulness and gratitude meet. We are on a mission to reach 1 million women with self-care practices because we believe self-care is a necessity and with chocolate mindfulness it’s luxurious.

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IFundWomen of Color is for entrepreneurs who are serious about launching, growing, or pivoting their business, and want the expert guidance and the collaborative community that only IFundWomen of Color can bring. If this speaks to you, then what are you waiting for? 

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