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Halfway There!

It's the halfway mark on our campaign schedule and I wish we were halfway to our funding goal, but we are not. 

What are we doing about it? We've been taking meetings and emailing our contacts trying to find an in-kind location for 6 weeks or less to cut down on our costs. We're also emailing everyone we've ever met in our whole lives. But we're starting to notice how few people check emails anymore. So we're changing gears to Facebook & Twitter friends. Hopefully, those social media sites won't shut us down thinking we're spamming :/ 

If we raise $2,500 in this campaign AND find a free location, we will be game on for the pop up this March! Now those are two big "Ifs".

Do we still have a slightly-crazy hope for all $14,000? To quote our Minnesota relatives, "You betcha!" 

But we need your help! We don't have a marketing budget or a huge team of people it's Bonnie, Katie, and myself. We need YOU to be our women's history warrior and tell the lovely people about the campaign. Pick 3 gal-pals or pals of gals and ask them to watch the video and donate. 

We can do this! 

Let's Make History! 

Dr. Leah Leach, Founder of Gal's Guide to the Galaxy