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This week I had an inspiration. To extend the trials to men, and accellerate the path towards clinical trials – the challenge to meet the stretch goal of $10k became ever more important. All this made it apparent – that we need and *want* to give this a fair shot.

The feedback we started receiving from people who've already got their boxes – have been overwhelming, frankly it started getting a little challenge to process and log it all... So we're extending the campaign for one more week. 7 more days of this. The next week will be “on fire” with The Hair **Fuel** 🔥 messaging and emailing anyone who has ever expressed interest 🤔, all the email subscribers 💌, DM each and every one of my followers in Instagram📸 – to try and make it. Maybe we will just about get it, or maybe we won’t. At least – no regrets.

To signify the importance of this extension and pledge – there is a new “Last Week” bundle – $110 / €99 which is: 3 months of The Hair Fuel + social media praise + hand drawn portrait sketch of you! Nevermind the gratitude [that's ever-lasting] and good karma. Oh... and great hair. The latter comes with the bundle.

If you were on the fence whether to get it, or have a friend or loved one who has been on the fence – it's time to go and get them.