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One week left! Plus new perks 😎

We've got one week left to hit our stretch goal of $25K! We're feeling a bit 😬 and 😁 all at the same time. 

To add some excitement to this final stretch, we teamed up with our friends over at Kula Cloth to offer a new perk: A Good Lovin' Kula.

It's super important to have good hygiene after sex to keep the nasties at bay. Our Kula Cloth x Après Delight antimicrobial cloth is the perfect addition to your outdoor (or bedside) kit for when après goes all night. 

Even if you've supported our campaign, you can still add this perk. Just click here.

PS: Hope to see you on Thursday for Après Advice, a free event where you can have your sexual health and wellness questions answered. Click here to register.