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It’s time to demand more from the companies we support. It's time to expect them to make choices that support the health of the planet and the well- being of people everywhere. Why? Because businesses have to do their part to contribute to the big picture and not just their own bottom lines. This principle, that of protecting people and planet, will always be Grant Blvd’s guiding mission.

In other news, this week we made our first book drop to Books Through Bars, which included 30 dictionaries on behalf of our backers. Books Through Bars gets more requests for dictionaries than for any other single category of books, and being able to support them in this way was inspiring. It’s precisely what we want to do more of.

Grant Blvd’s crowdfund campaign is now 45% funded! Thank you so much to the nearly 60 people who’ve set aside a few minutes to back this venture. Each of your contributions is appreciated and each will be used to support incarcerated and returning citizens, but to help us bring sustainable fashion options to Philadelphia.

Let’s build a new model for doing business.

Thank you!

Kimberly McGlonn, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Grant Blvd