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Ending the Tough Cutie Crowdfunding Campaign Early

Hi Everyone,

I want to let you know that after much deliberation and careful thought, I have decided to end the crowdfunding campaign early. All of your money will be refunded in full. I will be reaching out to you individually to determine the best way to process that payment given that the IFundWomen platform does not facilitate refunds.

I am sure you are wondering why I am choosing to stop the campaign now. In short, I am burnt out. I know that most of you were only just recently introduced to Eve and me, but the reality is our story goes back almost two years to August 2019 when I first got the idea and then started down the path of finding a factory partner. 

Maybe, if during the time since then, there hadn’t been a global pandemic coupled with one of the most racially charged atmospheres in decades; Or, if I was not trying to do this while working an intense full-time job; Or, if manufacturing ethically in the USA with quality materials did not require I have more than 6 times the funds to get started  (as a point of comparison, if I were doing this overseas, I would only need about $10,000 and be more than halfway to my goal), I would be able to continue. But all of those things are true, and the reality is, crowdfunding requires a level of stamina I do not have at this moment, not after the past year. I wish I would have taken a break before launching the campaign, but you know what they say about hindsight.  

In a few weeks, I am going to turn 30 and I realized something crazy. I still have at least 35 more working years before I retire. I really would like to make it there and doing so will require me to take care of myself, much better care than I have been taking. Does this mean I am giving up on Eve and Tough Cutie entirely? No, absolutely not! It just means I am pivoting and doing it differently.  

I have learned many valuable lessons over the past two years as a Black American and woman entrepreneur, and I hope my takeaways only inspire and shape the journeys of others like me. For the last two years, I mostly kept the details of this journey to myself. Please stay tuned and follow Tough Cutie Brand on social media in the coming months as I begin to share my story and, this time, bring you along for the ride. 

Look out for an email from me with options to process your refund. You can also email me at Thank you so much for your early support. It truly means a lot to me, and I could not be more grateful.


Brittany Coleman

Founder and CEO

Tough Cutie