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The Quest Begins! I've chosen a matchmaker.

Dearest friends, family, and supporters,

Thank you all for supporting this husband-finding project of mine. I am beyond touched by all of your incredibly kind and encouraging messages. Amongst other things, I hope this series inspires others to push boundaries in their lives and know that we are all deserving of pursuing and fulfilling our dreams; no matter what mold they fail to fit into.  

The quest officially begins today, as I've just signed a contract with a matchmaker. Woohoo! Details to come in future updates. A LOT of research went into vetting and selecting this agency, and I am beyond excited to work with my matchmaker. 

Rewards are on the way. If you backed the campaign for a pre-wedding reception ticket (to kickoff the quest), you should have received that calendar event invite today. Other rewards will be sent out in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you all again for your love and support. 

Talk to you soon.