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We’re two weeks into our iFundWomen campaign. Y’all… we’re 12% funded! We’ve been on the edge of our seats, screaming every single time someone donates. Here’s a little update on where we’re at in the bizkit biz build out:

  • We bought paint! And painted!
  • We consulted… a lot. Plumbers, chefs, artists, contractors. 
  • Speaking of plumbers, we bought all the various sinks needed.
  • We built a to-scale butter bench (thanks, David).
  • We also bought a huge a** air conditioner for optimal bizkit making conditions.
  • We designed the entire shop. 
  • Our friends Hannah, Emily, Abbie, Zach and Vivi donated a few things on our list.

It’s our donors who made all of this possible. From $5 to $1000, every single donation is important and deeply appreciated. Thank you for trusting and believing in us - we have raised $5,305 so far!