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We did it!

An excited "Hello!" to all of you!

We are late on sending this update as we did not think we had to create the content for it for another 5 days. 

Last night we received an email from IFundWomen (the crowdfunding platform we are currently on) to make sure we tune in to their Instagram Live announcements this morning. So of course, we did. They were announcing the recipients of this month's "Pay-It-Forward" campaign, which is a program they have where they donate 20% of their general fees back into 5 businesses crowdfunding on their platform. AND GUESS WHAT? We were selected as one of the recipients

This grant pushed us beyond our goal to a total of $3,560 raised. Thanks to this we are able to cover the merchant fees tied through the platform and through PayPal. Which means we actually get to keep the full $3000 we were raising!

The campaign will still be live for another 5 days for individuals to donate and Pre-Order sets of sun protective gloves at this link

Now the stuff about YOU! Your rewards will be shipped out as noted below:

Key chains ($20 level) : Delivery in the next 2-3 weeks

Stickers ($30 level): Delivery next week

Pre-Order gloves ($65 level): Expect look book in your inboxes in September. Delivery of 2 sets of sun protective gloves in December. 

E-Gift Card ($150 level): Delivery in December

Personal Stylist ($250 level): RSVP with Marlene Solis at

Again, we are so fortunate to have you as supporters early on in this business. 

If you haven't already, follow us on social media @shopflorescnt and sign up for our newsletter on our website 

Dance along with us to celebrate with this Spotify playlist created to pump-up our team for the last week of fundraising!…

SO MANY LINKS (we know-sorry) 


The Florescnt Team