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We're 13% funded! 👏👏 (Please Share Our Campaign. 😊)

A bit of good news: Yours truly (Vicki Vasilopoulos) was a finalist this week in the annual Start-up pitch competition at the Queens Economic Development Corporation in NYC. And she was also accepted into the new FastTrac women’s entrepreneurship program organized by NYC Small Business Services!

We're now 13% funded with 25 days to go to meet our $10k goal.  If 40 kind souls contribute just $30 this week, that brings us to 1/4 of our goal! Please take a few minutes to share the campaign link with any friends or colleagues who might be interested in supporting a #WomanOwned #SmallBusiness, #FemaleEntrepreneurs, or #GreekDesigners. 

Thanks a million for your support! 🙏🏼