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Great news!


Thank you for backing my campaign; your donations are making a difference! With your contributions, we have been able to donate over $250 to children who depend on school meals but risk going hungry due to COVID-19. 

Also, your copies of my new book are in the process of coming fresh off the printing press (yay!) so as soon as I receive and sign them all, they will be delivered to your door.

Also, the Spotify playlist for the Extraordinary Ally Reward will be ready and should be in your inboxes soon!

Thank you so much for your patience and for being a supportive contributor to my book campaign. I could not make this happen without your help so I am extremely grateful for your kindness. If you haven't already, please follow me on my socials to check out when I will be releasing my next book, as well as when and where the official book launch will finally be happening after the pandemic: 

IG @daffi.and.friends, Twitter @DaffiandFriends, FB @Warrior4Youth

Thank you all again and let's continue to work together to encourage social change and equality.

Stay safe and vigilant,

Anna Gilchrist