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Unlimited Love Family Recovery House

Unlimited Love exceeds Transitional Living. We change communities one family at a time!!!

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Project Description

Unlimited Love Family Recovery House exceeds Transitional Living!! Our nine-to-twelve-month program is catered to women and children under seventeen who are separated or on the verge of being separated due to drug and alcohol abuse. It is divided into five stages. Each stage will equip families with the vital tools necessary to sustain a healthy and productive life. Hand in hand, we will guide families through the implementation of this amazing transition. We provide a safe, structured and motivational environment, where families learn to work together as a team to uplift one another and rebuild their lives so that the vicious cycle of addiction is broken. We address and build on the following areas:    

- Parenting                                    - Communication                               - Thriving Connections

       - Family Nourishment              - Budgeting                                           - Time Management  

       - Heritage and Culture              - Law and Order                                  - Divine Design  

       - Home Preservation                 - Job Readiness                                    - Food Preparation   

In addition, we help families understand and build routines, roles, rules and rewards, with an understanding that each team member is as important as the next. We have qualified professionals guiding them during this process. Our families will receive family, group and individual therapy and peer support services to help combat mental health and substance abuse and learn new methods to cope. We connect our families to the recovery community by attending 12-step meetings. We  connect our families to their communities by volunteering and providing service work in their community.  We protect social equality by providing care regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or lack of religion, at no cost. We expose our families to positive recreation and arts. They will address legal and financial obligations and goals. Once our families are employed in Stage Four, we will give them time to practice being self-sufficient and allow them the capability to secure savings before they become fully independent. Our families will be well- resourced to continue their lives as successful productive members of society.

How you can help  

As Unlimited Love embarks on this vital journey to break the vicious cycle of addiction and combat child neglect and abuse, we are asking for a helping hand. The vision and mission of Unlimited Love is clear. We will revitalize communities one family at a time. We need you to join us in this fight against the opioid crisis, the vicious cycle of substance abuse and the escalating cases of child abuse in the state of Kentucky. All donations are accepted. When you give your donation, remember the long-term effects that Unlimited Love will have, not just on the families it will serve, on the community, on the state and in the world. We invite you to stand with us as we open the doors of Unlimited Love Family Recovery House.  

The funds will be used for rent and utilities, household items and payroll.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have you already found a location for the house?

Answer: Yes. I have partially secured a five bedroom house that will house 4 families and an individual house monitor.

How will you sustain the business once the start up funds are received?

Answer: As a Certified Peer Support Specialist I have partnered with a Licensed Therapist who will oversee my services and provide therapy services to participants in the program. The participants insurance will cover the Peer Support Services and sustain the business.

Do you have a plan for participants once they leave the program.

Answer: Yes. Participant will not have to pay and after three months when they are able to work they are required to put 2/3 of their income into a savings to support their independence once they exit the program.

Have you established any partnerships with the community?

Answer; Yes. The participants will attend parenting classes with the Home of the Innocence and Goodwill classes for job readiness. 


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