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The Transpersonal Table

The Transpersonal Table needs your help! Fund this movement to support resources for better mental health!

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Project Description

Our mission is simple. The Transpersonal Table believes in working with others using compassion and love, but also utilizing education and research. That any person, no matter what their demographic, is smart enough to follow their dreams. We are hoping that we can inspire others. The Transpersonal Table believes in making the world a better place with facts and science integrated with spirituality. We believe in taking risks and trying things that are out of my comfort zone. We know it is vital to understand that people have emotions and working with them as humans, not clients or patients. We believe in the importance of mental health and well-being.


Too many people believe that mental health is either too reliant or utterly unrelated to spirituality. The truth is that they come hand in hand. Whether you are religious or spiritual, it is essential that your mental health resources also accommodate to your belief system. The Transpersonal Table will be a place where anyone can come to learn and grow. If you want to learn more about using both research-based psychological techniques with spirituality and how to practice conscious living, The Transpersonal Table is for you. 


At The Transpersonal Table, you will be able to let down your guard and take off any masks you put on for the world. You can be vulnerable and honest because change starts with being honest with your current situation. You will gain a clearer understanding of how to love yourself as you are. You will learn how to live a live avoiding and coping with pain, comfortable in your own skin. 


I am my own team. Until now, I have been a solopreneur. I will take this passion project as far as I can, continuing to give it 18-hour work days creating content and providing coaching services to struggling entrepreneurs. I genuinely believe in the importance of learning your authentic self and living a life filled with self-empowering moments. I will spend the funding on coaching, marketing, and expanding through design. I am a Ph.D. student with imagination and creativity. I know that the Transpersonal Table can be a place where empowerment is abundant, and self-discovery happens. After forecasting, I will take this practice to a six- or seven-figure practice after the necessary changes. 


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I have learned so much studying and practicing Psychology, and it can change lives. Too many people do not have health care insurance or refuse therapy. Psychology coaching is an upcoming way to change more lives.



The Project FAQs

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kelsey for assistance.


Noel Shiu
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Monetary Contribution
Monetary Contribution

Thank you so much for your contribution!

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Monetary Contribution

Thank you so much for your contribution!

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