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Transforming Space into an Innovative Hub

Uniting people for a healthier community.

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Project Description

Central Woodward Community Partnership (CWCP) is a collaborative partnership committed to developing a innovative communal hub that will allow social enterprises & nonprofits to uplift and sustain Detroit communities and its most vulnerable residents. Our partnership is comprised of social entrepreneurs, community activists and nonprofit leaders who provide resources and solutions to some of the most burdensome disparities facing Detroiters.

The CWCP Glynn Court Hub will include:

1) A cafe' featuring fresh & flavorful offerings featuring local produce. An attached small market that will offer convenience items & highlight cool products from Detroit businesses

2) Intentional Workforce Development in Environmental Adaptation, Landscaping and the Food Service industries.

3) Youth programming to foster youth voice through multi media and journalism;  Wellness & trauma informed therapy programming including mindfulness, yoga, movement and dance

4) Multigenerational literacy and educational programming to offset isolation, inspire engagement and support Aging In Place (AIP)

Our partners will deliver excellent services through their gifts, wisdom and expertise to build and strengthen community interconnectedness by offering solutions to food disparities, economic and employment issues, and youth development. Our equitable development will address abandonment, urban heat islands and lack of green space. CWCP Glynn Court Hub will use innovation, green infrastructure (GI), eco-friendly permeable surfacing, energy efficiency and sustainable practices to ensure safety and climate readiness for generations to come. Additionally, community stewardship is a pillar of our mission, as a result we will lead clean-ups and beautifications to sustain and improve the neighborhoods surrounding our development. CWCP will host events that will unite generations as well as engage, educate and entertain residents. Community residents are integral to all phases of this initiative, from the building and development to the programs, events, and activities. We plan to uplift the voices of residents through the formation of a council.

The initiative will:

1) Engage and inspire residents as we acquire vacant and abandoned land

2) Engage residents as we co-create and restore beauty & walkability by utilizing green infrastructure (GI), innovation and beautiful contemplative space

3) Engage residents as we unite, provide opportunities for training and skills enhancement, support wellness. promote wellbeing, and collaborate to improve Detroit communities.

We appreciate the support and invite you to visit our development.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What specifically will these funds achieve?

Your generosity will fund plants native to Michigan; shipping containers/pre-fab structures and modification, and clean-up landscape and design of acquired land.

Is this a temporary or pop-up project?

No. Central Woodward Community Partnership (CWCP) reimagines permanent spaces from urban land that provide permanent solutions to Urban Heat Index, mental health, employment and food disparities in communities where these resources are lacking for BIPOC/

What types of structures and energy will be used?

CWCP will use permeable surfaces, solar energy, and plants that create a healthy environment. 


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