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The Workroom by Lady Corporate Inc., is a community and co-working space for women in the Boston and surrounding areas.

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Project Description

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The Workroom brought to you by Lady Corporate Inc. is a sisterhood community and co-working space for the career and business woman. A physical space that fosters in-person connections and collaboration for women who need it most. We live in a society where friendships and genuine relationships have been replaced with social media platforms, smiles replaced with likes, and support replaced with groups where everyone is talking and posting but no one is truly listening. The Workroom is a place where we take a step back to the basics. The basics of human interaction, business referrals, in-person networking and oh, yea hugs! We love hugs at The Workroom!

Do you remember the days when a hug made the difference or when a phone call just to say hello fueled you and motivated you! Well welcome to The Workroom. We are a sisterhood committed to womanhood and together we make magic. The Workroom is built on accountability and support for women to grow and succeed! If you’re ready to stop playing small and join a movement of women who are taking charge of their homes, careers, businesses, communities and their world. The Workroom is the place for you! Simply its where women get s%!t done!


Calling all superwomen to leave their capes at the door and join us in our coworking space exclusively for women. We are creating a space where it’s ok to just be. Showing up, being present is all we ask. The Workroom is a space for women to connect and collaborate. We ask that you join us to grow your business, we want to support you. We ask you to join us and level up in your career. Access our workshops and programming, available to you from 7:30AM -8PM. That’s right working hours can’t stop your dreams Lady. We are open for you. Interested in more details…Keep scrolling.


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  • Personal and Professional Development: The Workroom features a plethora of learning opportunities for career and business women, offering empowerment and enrichment workshops including a few we’ve listed below and so much more…
    • Salary Negotiations | Interviewing | Leadership Development |Resume Writing | Job Search Clinic
    • How to Start a Thriving Business | Marketing & Social Media Basics | Writing a Business Plan | How to Attract Investors
  • Quarterly Business Bootcamps: Our CEO and Leadership Team recognize the difficulties of starting a business and more than anything understand the amount of money wasted by entrepreneurs who lack guidance. Our Business Bootcamps help women kickstart their business with step-by-step guidance and resources to get it done right away. In 6-8 weeks we will have you on your way to a great start.
  • Discounted Web Design and Social Media Management: We want the The Workroom truly to serve as a hub for women. It is frustrating and difficult when you’re starting a business to figure out your message, branding and so much more. We offer this as an option to help kickstart our members.
  • Conference Rooms, Event Space Rental and Dedicated Office Spaces: Our space will allow us to provide in addition to our co-working space, dedicated office spaces for rent for women-owned startups and their teams. Offices will vary in size and price. (Please note our Leading Lady Founding Membership Packages will include discounts on event space rental, conference room bookings and office space rental).

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  • Access: The core of our vision is access and resources for women to succeed. Enjoy Free-Wifi, Access to workshops we bring to you throughout the workday led by guest speakers and industry leaders. Membership to the Workroom provides access to our resource library and on-site support to help you advance your career or business.
  • Concierge Services: We were serious about you leaving your cape at the door! As a member of The Workroom, we are here to give you back the time you deserve in your business. Need your dry-cleaning dropped-off or picked-up? Perhaps you need a contract mailed off priority mail but have an important meeting. Well we have your back chica! Leave it to us.
  • On-site Coaching: Our CEO and Leading Lady,  is passionate about being visible and available to women as best she can, so is our team. Each and every week, find our CEO on site offering 1-hour coaching sessions to members, along with a 1-hour mastermind workshop each week. Not able to make it to the office? Not to worry, these sessions are live and your questions can be answered from the comfort of home while little Jr. is napping or while you’re commuting to your next meeting.
  • Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate: We hope by now you see we are all about you and all about what women need to succeed. Our space considers your needs and how we can best support you to success. Our space features a mother’s room, complimentary coffees, teas and snacks and oh, yeah did we mention our early morning yoga sessions? You’re sure to start your day right with us each and every day. Need a quiet room? No problem! We’ve got your back. Book yourself a 30-min quiet session in one of our relaxing quiet rooms with calming music and natural light.
  • Good Vibes Only: Hear the latest and greatest from your favorite female artists, be reminded as you walk through the corridors filled with artwork from our creative sisters, that you can and will succeed. Our space also features a small and intimate marketplace where our members can sell and promote their products. We are here to support you as you support others. Remember we like to hug in The Workroom and we love to support YOU!

F U R N I T U R E-5

Leading Lady Founding Membership Package: 1-Year $1800 (Pricing Available Exclusively on iFundWomen)

As a Leading Lady of the Workroom, you have access to all programming in our space. As one of our Founding Members we are offering a $1200 discount exclusively to our IFundWomen supporters.

What’s Included: 

  • 5 days/week in our Collab Lab, a collaborative shared workspace with array of seating options when you arrive.  Choose from a window seat, standing desk, community table, private workstation, or comfy lounge chair and plug-in for the day. ($2400-3000 value)
  • Events and programming: In addition to meeting and connecting with like-minded professionals and ladypreneurs each day feel free to choose from a healthy variety of programming available right in the office. (priceless)
  • 1-hour complimentary coaching session each week for a month ($1500 value)

Lady Corporate Inc. WCW Membership Package: 1-Year $199 (Pricing Available Exclusively on iFundWomen)

Not in the Greater Boston area? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Gain access to our online resource library and membership community and enjoy monthly webinars, programs, courses and content for your personal and professional growth.

Wait there’s more…

As a Lady Corporate Member, you will be listed in our member directory and have access to leaders in the corporate and business arenas. Our community provides mentorship, accountability partners and access. No matter where you are, we’re here to support you. We’re your sisters and together we win!

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The Workroom is part of a much larger vision, Lady Corporate Inc.IMG_3542

Founded in 2016, Lady Corporate opened its arms to women of all cultures, creed and colors. Our mission is to empower women everywhere to take charge of their success. Launching with a weekend filled with in-person networking, health and wellness activities and ending with women community leaders sharing their personal and professional stories, Lady Corporate launched a platform and lifestyle brand that spoke to the hearts of women, empowering them to do more and expect more. In less than a year, impacting over 100 women Lady Corporate promotes women in leadership, positive images of women and fosters an environment where women support women.

Lady Corporate Inc., in addition to in-person workshops, events and networking opportunities, offers a digital platform and online resource library where women can access resources to enhance their careers and businesses. This platform allows women, especially working women the ability to access information and resources long after the kids are to bed and hubby’s been fed.

Whatever your day to day responsibilities, Lady Corporate is here to make life easier for the everyday woman, and provide her the support she needs to succeed.