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The V Lounge

Making the world a better place, one yoni, one womb at a time.

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Project Description

The problem 

Women have yet to realize the power of the yoni.  The yoni represents the sakral chaka, the center of womanhood. When this chakra is unbalanced it disrupts the natural flow of energy. Not only does this cause a block in creativity but it causes physical problems in the reproductive system. Some of the physical manifestations can be infertility, fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis.


The solution

The V Lounge is a place where women can come to take care of their body as well as their mind. By steaming, this blockage can be cleared. Steaming relieves pain associated with cycles, symptoms of menopause, pain with fibroids, endometriosis and it increases fertility. We offer a 20 or 30 minute steam packages, we also a variety of other self care addons and feminine care products.
The V Lounge is located inside The Skin Spa of Louisburg. The Skin Spa offers all the amenities of a typical day spa.

Each session is very relaxing. Clients are greeted by spa staff and seated in a cozy and relaxing waiting room. While the complete the necessary intake form, they will be offered warm herbal tea. After completing the intake form and finishing their herbal tea, each client is then taken to a changing room. Next they are taken into the steam room and seated on a steam sauna. Each client sits on a steaming pot of herbs.  

The team

The V Lounge is owned and operated by Angela Harris. Angela is currently an LPN. Her passion has always been women’s health. The V Lounge gives her the opportunity to do just that. 


How will the money be used

The money will be used to make this service available to more women.

Thank you in advance for making this possible.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I steam if I'm pregnant? 
    No you can not steam if pregnant 
  • My cycle is on, can i steam?
    You can not steam if actively bleeding
  • What if I’m trying to get pregnant? If actively trying to get pregnant you should not steam while ovulating 



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