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Inside LLC is an artist management company based in Newark, NJ

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Project Description

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The goal is to raise $5,000 Dollars for equipment, production and marketing for Inside, LLC artist .

Currently Inside is based out of my home here in Newark. We currently have an in house recording studio, editing lab and various equipment available for your artist. Inside has grown tremendously in the past year and we have out grown our space and as the professional and personal life have begin to intertwine my home has not been as accessible.

As a mother, wife, full time employee and entrepreneur, life has become a big balancing account and the need to hire assistance and find space has become a high priority these past few months. This space will not only provide myself with an office space to handle my business but will also make myself, my team and resources much more accessible to our artist and others Currently, inside has five signed talents and we have plans to sign two additional talents before the end of the year.

The office will be based here in Newark. Within this office it is our goal to duplicate the various work rooms and resources in this spaces that I currently housed in my home. That includes a recording studio , working lab and a conference room. We also plan to increase our equipment, which includes but it not limited to the purchase of audio and visual equipment.

How your contributions will help!

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