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SPIRODISIAC - The Female Viagra

Relaunching Females

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Project Description

SEXOLOGY by Lady Aphrodite


Sex, Sexology and Aphrodisiacs? 

You'd be amazed how historic cultures, communities and hushed spiritual practitioners enjoyed and contained their sexual appetites before modern science, pharmaceutical labs and technology. 

Pleasure was studied with elements in nature, accompanied by an understanding of feelings, emotions and sensations. The end goal? To satisfy a craving for wounded, withdrawn and lost intimacy.

Experience The Most Memorable Intimate Moment 

After I was hit hard with the glorious "spiritual awakening", I became curious about life, my purpose, and my fondness for energy, tripled. I experimented with herbs from various cultures and beliefs, but not just herbs, rituals, mantras, you name it. A powerful experience came after I brewed three very sexually charged herbs, into a sweet tasting potion in a bid to raise my sexual energy. The moment was shared beautifully between a partner and I. 



Brewed with a powerful Spiritual intent, you will experience, lost, intimate knowledge of passion and pleasure and a new height of sexual, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. 


What uniqueness does Spirituality add?

Sex is Energy in raw forms of expression. It becomes more and more appreciated when it is shared meaningfully with an intent to foster a soul to soul connection. It can often leave you feeling drained or refreshed depending on the energies you choose to intermingle with...

But wait, If you have the opportunity to experience a raised level of attraction and project a very appealing sexual energy, strong enough to attract potential partners and even onlookers, wouldn't you take it? That's the added and unbeatable kick to 'Spirituality, it adds depth to life, gives it a purpose.

"I call them potions because each vial is made with a brief intent of magic"  


"My goal is simple, get the world to know about this, understand it, use it, and


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A wonderful thank you for your support - Lady Aphrodite

Kensington Market, Toronto (Last Pedestrian Sunday, Oct 2019). Lady Aphrodite


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I store a vial? 

  • A vial is corked and sealed air tight with natural preservatives, it should be kept cool until use. 

How is it used? 

  • Think tea shots, ingested orally. 

Is it safe to consume?

  • It is safe to explore.  

What's the dosage?

  • Excluding orders made for events and groups, a vial contains one potent dose for a person. 

How long do the effects last?

  • It's limitless depending on how it's used and who it's used by. But the natural properties of the herbs stay effective in your system for a day or two. You will still enjoy that sex drive the next day but it's no cause for concern.

How do I place an order? 




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