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We democratize access to optimal cancer care.

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Project Description


Statistically speaking, one in three people will have cancer in his or her lifetime. Moreover, ~ 30% of cancer diagnoses and treatment plans are incorrect.  If there’s any moment in your life when you want to be absolutely certain, it is when you are diagnosed with cancer.  

It can take weeks or months to reach an oncologist.  Imagine the stress, worry and fear of trying to find the right information and the right oncologists when cancer cells are growing exponentially in your body.

We have lost family members to cancer. We would have loved to have the certainty that we were doing all the right things to ensure that our family members get the best care possible. SmartBridge Health is the solution that we wished had existed when we were going through those difficult times.

Unique solution

We challenge the notion that high-quality, accessible cancer care is either unachievable or prohibitively expensive.  We’re working to prove that optimal cancer care is affordable and accessible to all.  We offer a seamless experience that not only saves you time and money but also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

We use the brainpower of the world’s top oncologists to improve health outcomes for cancer patients.  We give patients 24/7 remote access to quality-verified oncologists.  We’re multilingual and HIPAA compliant.

Our passionate, curious oncologists are trained and practicing at the best cancer institutions in the world.  They have incredible expertise and have significantly lowered their rates to help us cure cancer at scale.

What is our secret sauce for getting these talented oncologists to join us?  Dr. Jeremy Force, our COO and oncologist, carefully selected our oncologists based on motivation, values, and peer reviews.

Business model

Our business model is not brain surgery.  We’re a two-sided marketplace.  We connect patients with top oncologists at a fraction of the cost and charge patients directly.  We take 30% and give 70% of our revenue back to our oncologists.  

For $29, you receive same-day, personalized and validated answer researched and written by an oncologist.  For $55, you can have a next day call with an oncologist hand-picked specifically for you.  For $299, we gather and review your medical records, diagnosis and treatment plan, give recommendations based on treatment options and clinical trials in your area, and follow-up with your oncologist to explain our opinions.


We are different from our competitors.  We focus only on cancer, and we are democratizing access to world-class healthcare.

We have a library of validated answers and templates for our second opinions, and are developing algorithms to quickly match patients with the best oncologists for their specific needs.  With each additional customer, our unit costs plummet and our profit margins increase.  

We will be the global source for real-time patient-reported outcomes to accelerate cancer research. Where one data point and one patient story and the amalgamation of stories can serve multiple purposes.  One data point serving precision medicine, continuous quality improvement, driving patient education and improving biologic discovery.  


We have partnered with ZERO Prostate Cancer to become a trusted source for optimal cancer care.  We will be incorporated into the #1 cancer management app with 30,000 users and are participating in the Inova Personalized Health Accelerator Training Program.  Team

Hua is a former lawyer and healthcare strategy consultant at Accenture.  Dr. Force is an oncologist and faculty at the Duke Cancer Institute.  Dr. Mecoli is a physician and faculty at Johns Hopkins.  Paul was part of a leadership team that took a startup from idea to IPO.    

Investment & Use of funds

We are the team to execute on our road map for reaching 1,000 customers in the next year and create a B2B solution covered by insurance companies and employers.