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Hello everyone! Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to take a look at funding page. My name is Robyn. 

Background ...

The 26th of February 2018 was one of the BEST and SCARIEST days of my life! Its the day I left my job and took off for Australia 2 days later heres why... I worked for nearly 2 years in a NHS jobs in the U.K and it was the hardest period of my life yet.

The people i worked for were so toxic to my life, everything i did was so under appreciated i never received praise only criticism, i was treated differently to the other women i worked with that had worked there longer than me. I was told not to drink water because i apparently went to the toilet too often, i was not allowed to wear deodorant as the smell was 'too strong' and the list goes on. 

I felt like my whole life was being controlled and it was affecting my time out of work. I would leave wok everyday frustrated angry or in tears. I suffered (still do) from anxiety and migraines this job just made them a whole lot worse for me. I was told off for leaving my desk to throw up in the staff toilets, this was due to a bad migraine which i had asked for the day off for and was told noone will cover so i must come in. I felt trapped as i had bills to pay but the pressure of this all got too much for me, my mental health was at stake and i just needed a brake! 

I came up with the crazy idea to quit my job and travel to Australia on a months wages and take some time to get in a better state of mind to return to the u.k to work. Leaving that job was the best thing i ever did the day i handed in my notice i felt so free they didnt own me anymore! 

Why this is important to me ...

My time in Australia has been lovely and im now looking forward to going home and getting started again but heres the thing i really want to work for myself. I want to choose when and where i work, when i need a day off, how much water i want to drink and when i can use the toilet. I had control of my own life for 9 months and im not ready to give it up again.

Unfortunately i am not alone and this is many peoples reality but it doesnt have to be! I want to help other people get to where i want to be and show them they can do it and how to do it. 

Heres where you could help me ...

I want to start up a beauty business and work for myself as a network marketer selling beauty/lifestyle products. I also want build a team of women who also want financial freedom, to work on their terms and be in control of their own lives. 

The investment i need is for a showcase kit of beauty products for me to showcase to potential customers and build my beauty business. 

What i need you to know...

I need anyone who gets behind me on this new journey of mine to know how truly grateful I am and how even the smallest contribution will make the biggest affects to me and my business. 

Anyone in a similar situation to mine..

I want to also use this opportunity as a platform to ask if there is anyone in a situation similar to mine or just looking for more free time, some extra income, to work from home around family and commitments then please get in contact with me and i would love to talk you through how you can achieve this. 

You can contact me here : ....

(and also watch my journey once i get started)

Thank you for reading!

Robyn x 





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